DValentina jewellery is made of .925 sterling silver or brass. Every piece gets a gold plating of one or two microns.

The jewellery has either a polished or mat surface. Please bear in mind that a mat surface will become shinier with wear.

These surface treatments will fade over time because of the contact with sweat, clothes, hard surfaces, perfume, hairspray, and others.

Every day or very recurrent wear, may speed up this process, especially on items like rings, which have more frequent contact with skin and other surfaces.

The platings are as follows:

  • Mat 14K yellow gold.
  • Mat 18K yellow gold.
  • High polished 14K yellow gold.
  • High polished 18K yellow gold.

Rings get damage the quickest, because they get in contact constantly, so gold plating for rings could be less than a year. Earrings and Necklaces can last 2-3 years.

The stones are as follows:

  • Semiprecious Lapis Lazuli
  • Semiprecious Malachite
  • Semiprecious Black Onyx
  • Semiprecious Black Agathe
  • Semiprecious Aqua Calcedonia

Please take as much care with the stones as with the jewellery.


  • When you’re not wearing your jewellery, you should keep them in a safe and secure place.
  • Do not keep your jewellery in the bathroom because of the humidity from the shower and sink. This could make the sterling silver pieces tarnish extra quickly. However, brass pieces will take much longer time to tarnish.
  • Although Jewellery boxes are a great place to keep your jewellery it does not protect the sterling silver pieces from oxidation and tarnishing.
  • Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products e.g. soap, perfume, hairspray, abrasive products. Do not wear them in the swimming pool, sauna or while bathing or showering.
  • Chlorine, detergents, oils, moisturizers & perfumes can all cause tarnishing and damage.
  • Remove jewellery when doing household tasks because chemicals can cause damage to the pieces.
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces as much as possible.
  • Gently wipe and clean your jewellery with a soft rag/cloth after each wear to remove make up and oily remains.
  • Don’t pull chains as they may break.


You should treat your jewellery like any other wardrobe item.

The gold plating must get a new gold layer on when needed, and it is advised to check clasps for firmness. Contact us if you need any help with this at hello@dvalentina.com